Monday, 9 November 2009


AA terjumpa N3 nie semasa sibuk "browsing" untuk mencari idea pasal biz kopitiam. Tujuan utama AA copy & paste isi kandugan N3 nie bukanlah bertujuan untuk menjatuhkan biz orang lain. Tetapi sekadar untuk berkongsi info bermanfaat dengan rakan2 muslim yang lain. Bukankan itu tanggungjawab sesama muslim demi untuk kebaikan bersama???

Last couple of months, my wife had planned a reunion for her cousins. One of the initial landing spots was Old Town White Coffee cafe. My wife and I went to check out one of the cafe’s outlets in Kuala Lumpur.

Our first impression of the cafe, was good. The ambiance was a reminiscence of an old time kopitiam but with cool air-conditioners and well lit. My wife ordered an iced lemonade and I ordered the famous Iced Hazelnut Coffee drink. After sitting there and admiring the place for quite a bit, we began browsing the menu to check whether the prices were reasonable. Then we noticed something that bothered us. At one of the pages, with a fine print, it stated something like this, “No pork is served with all the dishes”.

Well, I can’t really remember the exact statement but I guess you should really getting my point here. Is this cafe really serves Halal food? Then we approached the guy at the counter ,(which the nationality was hard to guess,) for the Halal certificate, but with disappointment, there was none. We we’re asked to surf their website which claimed to contain the Halal cert. So we went home and did exactly that, and yet with another disappointment we saw the cert below (which is linked from the original website).

From the cert. above, we can only see the drinks being listed as Halal products. But what about the other drinks and food being served in the menu? Plus, is the cert. had expired?

We are saddened with this issue which came to our attention and knowing each day, there are lots of Muslim patrons spending their time in these cafes. Attention for the owner of the cafe, please put up the proper Halal certs for your customers viewing at each of your outlets and in your website. If not, just displays a huge Non-Halal signage to ward off any Muslim customers.



  1. pnting sijil halal ni, biarlah tnjuk yg betul kit

  2. dah byk sgt cite kuar psl old town nie...ngeri tul...better gi cafe yg mmg sah2 halal like chamek...hahahhaha...1st time try kopi dia..for me mmg standing le ngan kopi2 cafe lain hehhehehe...

    tu pndpt saya le kan...:D

  3. 2 maiyah: betul tu. byk sgt dah kes restoran2 yg tampal logo HALAL besar2, tp hidangkan minuman keras...mcmana tu??? sapa yg harus dipersalahkan???

  4. 2 sisdee: kan mencari yg HALAL itu fardu. lagi2 ttg makan & minum yg akan jd darah daging kita...